If I miss a lesson, will I get a refund?

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Unfortunately we can't provide a refunded credit if you miss a lesson, primarily because we do need to pay your teacher for time they had reserved on their schedule.

Fairness to your teacher

We understand this can be frustrating, but please understand this from your teacher's point of view. If we didn't pay your teacher for the time they have scheduled on their calendar, we would negatively affect their earnings for the week as another student may have scheduled with them during the time you had reserved. Please see this article for more details about our thoughts on this.

Fairness to other students

Likewise, it would not be fair to other students if we gave you a refund for a lesson, but not them. Or vice versa, we gave them a refund but not you. So to be fair in all cases, we apply our refund policy evenly to everyone. In order to receive a refunded credit, please ensure you cancel your lesson before the cancellation policy period.

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