How to tip your teacher

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Tips are never, ever expected. To be clear, our goal is always to pay our teachers a good living wage. That said, students have asked us over time how they can send their teacher a tip for exceptional work, so we built that functionality 😊

Your teacher will receive 100% of what you send them. We don't deduct anything for payment processor or other fees. If you send them $20, they'll receive exactly $20.
  1. Click on Purchase - Tip Teacher
  2. Enter an amount, then make your purchase

If you make a mistake, please note you only have 6 hours to get a refund. To get a refund, go to the Purchase - History page of your account and click the "Request Refund" button. After 6 hours, we add the tip to your teacher's paycheck, so after that time refunds are not allowed.

What's a "typical" tip?

Many students don't tip at all, and that is perfectly ok. Really, it's not expected. Some students tip $5 or $10 every now and then. Other students, often those who've been studying with their teacher for awhile, will send larger tips from time to time. If you feel like tipping, any amount is really appreciated. If you aren't in a financial position to tip, that's completely understandable, please don't feel you need to tip.

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