Can we take lessons together as a family?

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We have many, many families taking lessons with us! It's a great educational activity, and a way to instill a value of lifelong learning in children.

You can take lessons together, or separately, or take some lessons together and some separately. Our scheduling flexibility makes all of this very easy.

First, you may want to read this article about creating one or multiple accounts. After that, some thoughts on group or individual lessons:

  • We don't charge more for group lessons! So at face value, they're more economical; if budget is a issue for you, small group lessons are certainly a good option
  • If you have one person who learns much quicker than another person, group lessons can often run into snags. For example an adult learning with a young child typically doesn't work as well as you would hope, but we do have families who do this. Your teacher will strive to make lessons as fun and accessible as possible
  • Individual lessons of course allow your teacher to focus specifically on one persons needs, so if you have the budget, they're generally a good idea
  • Mix it up! You can take say two group lessons a week, and one individual lesson every two weeks (as an example). Whatever your budget and time constraints are, our scheduling flexibility makes all of this very easy

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