How many free trial lessons can I schedule for my family?

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We ask that you only schedule one free trial lesson. Our free trial lesson is designed to be an introduction to our company, not a way to get a bunch of free lessons or try out a bunch of teachers.

As you have seen, we keep our prices very low, likely the lowest you will find anywhere for learning one-on-one with an exceptional, native language teacher. We've done that by using innovative technology, keeping a small team, and low overhead. Part of that is limiting groups to one free trial.

Please abide by this rule, we thank you.

I didn't love the teacher in my free trial, can I get more free trials to try other teachers?

Unfortunately no; please do understand that most educational companies don't provide any free trial at all, as it takes a teachers time, and the teacher needs to be paid for their time. We aren't able to provide more free lessons because as noted above, that would cause us to have to increase our prices. That said, what you can do is the following:

  • Purchase a small 2 hour package
  • Use this to schedule a short 30 minute lesson with another teacher you'd like to try out (your success coach can help you select a teacher, if you'd like!)
  • If for some reason you don't enjoy the lesson, which we hope is not the case, you can either try another teacher or just let us know and we'll provide you a refund for the remaining time on your package. Please note our refund policy is 60 days, so you just need to let us know within that time period

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