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We highly recommend making a reservation with your teacher; if you don't, it's common that another student schedules the dates/times you preferred, and thus they'll no longer be available to you. Sticking with ongoing lessons, even if only 30 minutes per week, is also the number 1 predictor of success that we see with our students.

Two ways to make a reservation

Option 1 - After you've scheduled a single lesson

After you have scheduled a single lesson, just click the "Try Out a Reservation" button, then follow the steps to finish the reservation!

Option 2 - Directly from the main scheduling page

On the Schedule - Schedule a Lesson page, just click "Make a Reservation. Then follow the steps to finish the reservation!

What does the "indefinite" reservation option mean?

It just means we'll reserve the day/time you want until you change or cancel your reservation. This is recommended, so that you don't accidentally lose your preferred time.

Do I have to pay up front for all of the lessons I want to reserve?

No, definitely not! All you need is to have a few available credits in your account when you originally schedule. Then over time, as lessons come up, we'll email you reminders when you're about to run out of credits. Just make sure to purchase more credits before they completely run out, and your lessons will remain scheduled!

Can I cancel my reservation in the future if needed?

Yes! To cancel your reservation at any time, just got to the Schedule - My Calendar page and you'll see a "Cancel Reservation" option.

If I don't reserve lessons in advance, is it possible another student will reserve the days/times I have been taking lessons during?

Yes, and unfortunately this happens pretty frequently. As an example, lets say you normally take lessons on Monday night between 5 - 7pm. You've been using our single scheduling function each week to schedule these lessons. It is unfortunately quite common for another student to reserve this time, for even a year or more. You've now completely lost the ability to schedule lessons Monday 5 - 7pm with your teacher, because another student has reserved them. We hear from students too often that this has happened, and they're upset about it. We understand! That's why we highly recommend: just make a reservation, you can easily cancel it anytime you need to.

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