What can I do if I'm having audio or video problems in a lesson?

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Oh no! You're having a technical problem. Here's what we recommend, in order:

  1. Do an audio/video test on the Classroom - AV Test page. If you can see and hear yourself in the test, your lesson should work (this is why we recommend doing a test before your lesson!)
  2. Make sure you're using an approved browser and make sure it's updated to the newest version. Click here to read about those. If you are using an approved browser and it's not working, one quick fix is to try another browser
    1. Why? Browsers, like all software, have updates. Sometimes browsers release an update which breaks things like live video chat
  3. Make sure you don't have any adblockers installed in your browser. If you do, turn them off for our website
  4. Try a different device, if you have one. Computers generally have fewer problems than mobile devices

That said, the problem may be on your teacher's end of things. If your audio/video test works (you can see and hear yourself well) and the classroom isn't working, we'll likely be able to provide you a refunded credit for the problem.

Will I get a refunded credit if there's a technical issue?

If you have a technical issue during a lesson that you believe is on your teacher's end, just let us know and our tech team will do a quick investigation. The best thing you can do to aid this is to have completed an audio/video test! If that worked, you're all set. If you didn't do an audio/video test then we'll have to look deeper at our logs to see what happened.

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Test your audio/video on our test page

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