Scheduling a single lesson

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It takes about 10 seconds to schedule a lesson with the teacher of your's how!

We highly recommend reserving lessons with your teacher in an ongoing basis, instead of scheduling single lessons like this. If you don't, other students can (and this happens frequently) of course reserve lessons with your teacher on the exact days/times you wanted. Click to read how to reserve ongoing lessons
  1. First, click on Schedule -> Schedule a Lesson
  2. Click on any time that's listed on your teachers calendar
  3. Confirm on the next page, and you're done!

Scheduling with different teachers

It's perfectly OK to schedule lessons with multiple teachers. Most students do stick with one teacher throughout their studies, but some do learn with multiple teachers, the choice is yours. Other than wanting a varied learning experience, if your teacher is on vacation this is definitely a good way to keep up your studies.

To schedule a lesson with a different teacher simply click on the teacher's image in the top left corner of the page and choose another from the dropdown box that appears!

How to view availability of different days

You can view your teacher's schedule far into the future. Just click on different days and even months in the calendar:

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Reservations - recurring, ongoing lessons

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