Gmail trick to use a single email address with multiple accounts

John Aitchison Updated by John Aitchison

If you'd like to create multiple accounts on our website but only use one single email address to do so, there's a great feature of Gmail that makes this easy. Often parents ask us about creating an account for their student(s) who don't have an email address, this works well for that situation as well.

Let's say this is your main email address:

And you've already created an account on our website using that email address, so you can't use it to create a second account. Use something like this for your second account:

Adding a "+anything" near the end of the main section allows you to still receive email in your account! A side note, this is also a great little trick to use with commercial websites, e.g.,, allowing you to more easily receive and segment emails from different companies.

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