⚠️ We highly recommend making a reservation with your teacher! If you don't, it's very possible (likely, even) that another student will schedule the days/times you prefer with your teacher. You can easily cancel or change a reservation whenever needed.

What's a Reservation?

A reservation is an easy way to schedule an ongoing, weekly, recurring lesson with your teacher. You'll reserve a specific weekday, and time, with your teacher.

How Do I Make a Reservation?

Make a reservation from the main scheduling page. We have a very detailed guide: click here to get to the detailed guide

But it's fairly simple! On the main scheduling page, simply click "Make a Reservation" and follow the instructions on that page.

Pay As You Go!

One of the best benefits of making a reservation is that you do not have to pay for all of your lessons at once. You can reserve lessons for a month, a year, or even indefinitely, and purchase lessons as they come up. Meaning, you can purchase just a few lessons at time. As you run out of credits, our system will automatically email you to notify you that you're running out of lesson credits and need to purchase more.

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