Test your audio/video on our test page

Quickly testing your audio and video before your lessons is the #2 thing you can do to ensure your lesson works well!

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We highly recommend using our audio/video test page before your lessons. It only takes about 10 seconds! If you do this before your lesson, you can be pretty confident you won't have any technical issues.

Navigate to the AV Test Page

To get to this page, click on More:

Selecting a Microphone (and camera, if you have one)

Choosing the correct camera and microphone is an important step. If you listen to your video recording and you can't hear yourself well, first select a different microphone and try again.

  • Click the green box on the test page that says "click here to change your camera or microphone

  • Try selecting a different microphone, and do a test. If the sound is bad, try selecting a different microphone and redo the test

  • Do the same with your camera if needed

Some Common Sources of Problems

  • Adblockers
    Ad blockers are great (yeah, we use them!) but they often block code our website needs to function correctly. Disable your adblocker on our site if you are having issues. We don't show ads!

  • Outdated browser
    Make sure your browser is up to date with the newest version. This is a BIG reason why folks have technical issues

  • Not using an approved browser
    See this article for which browser you should use

  • Using wifi instead of wired ethernet
    Wifi can be good, but if possible, you should use wired ethernet. You'll have far fewer connection and technical issues

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