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Two Main Scheduling Options: Single Lesson vs. Weekly Reservation
Two Main Scheduling Options: Single Lesson vs. Weekly Reservation

Schedule a single lesson with your teacher anytime!

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For one-on-one lessons, there are two very flexible scheduling options:

  1. Weekly Reservation

  2. Single Lesson

Weekly Reservation

As the name implies, a weekly reservation is a day and time you have reserved with a specific teacher each week. For example, you could reserve 6:00 - 7:00pm on Thursdays with a particular teacher. Doing so means that you have that time reserved with that teacher, and no other student can take that time.

⚠️ We highly recommend making a weekly reservation once you've found a teacher who's a great fit for you. If you don't make a weekly reservation, it's unfortunately very common that another student will schedule the days/times you prefer with your teacher. You can easily cancel or change a recurring reservation whenever needed; you don't have to pay for all of the lessons in advance, they work in a "pay as you go" manner. So they provide the same flexibility as scheduling single lessons, but "lock in" the day and time you want to have with your teacher.

Single Lesson

Scheduling a single lesson is a good option for people that have very hectic, unpredictable schedules; it's also a good option to use while you're in the process of finding a teacher (or teachers, plural) who's a great fit for you. Simply pick a day and time to schedule a lesson:

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