How to schedule a single lesson

A quick, but detailed guide on how to schedule a single lesson with your teacher!

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In this guide, you'll learn how to schedule a single lesson with any available teacher. Please note that we highly recommend making a reservation with your teacher (not scheduling single lessons one by one, as we describe how to do in this guide). If you don't make a reservation, any other student can schedule lessons with your teacher on the days and times you prefer. Once that happens, unfortunately we can't "kick out" that student, so you've lost your preferred times with your preferred teacher.

Video Overview

Step 1 - Go to the Main Schedule Page

In the top navigation bar, click on Schedule, and then Schedule a Lesson. This gets you to the main scheduling page:

Step 2 - Choose a Teacher (if needed)

If your teacher's schedule doesn't automatically appear, or if you want to look at different teachers' schedules, click the picture in the top left corner to change to a different teacher:

Step 3 - Change Dates to See Different Days (if needed)

Use the calendar in the top left corner to change to view different days. You can view up to 1 month in the future! Click the "arrows" to change the month, or even year:

Step 4 - Click on a Start Time

Any white boxes that have a time in them are available. Click on the time to get to the next step. In this example if I wanted a lesson on Tuesday starting at 7am I would click the third box:

Step 5 - Choose Lesson Length, and Confirm

After clicking on a time in the previous step, you'll get to a page that looks like this. In the box, choose how long you want the lesson to last! Note: if the only option is 30 minutes, that means your teacher is only available for 30 minutes at the time you selected. If you want a longer lesson, go back to the previous step and select a time where you see your teacher is available for 1 hour.

Step 6 - Confirm!

After selecting a lesson length, make sure you click the button to schedule your lesson. On the final page, you'll see a confirmation of your lesson. Carefully check the details!

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