Want a lesson today?! There are a few ways you can accomplish this, of course dependent on teacher availability!

The easiest way to get a same day lesson is to use our normal scheduling function; with it, you can schedule up to 12 hours in advance. So for example if you want a lesson tonight at 7:30pm, you can schedule as late as 7:29am today!

"Instant Lesson"

If you're not able to schedule 12 hours in advance, then you can use our instant lesson scheduling feature. It's a way to see any teachers that are available right now, for a lesson instantly.

To use this feature:

  1. Go to the main Schedule a Lesson page, and click "Instant Lesson"

  2. On the instant scheduling page, click on the green button

  3. Any teachers that are online and available, will appear automatically!

  4. Click on any teacher's picture and confirm on the next page, to schedule a lesson. The lesson will start about 1 minute after you confirm

Note that your teacher likely won't be available when you do this; chances are, they have another lesson, or are not online, etc. If you're not willing to take a lesson with a different teacher, you could try and send your teacher a message in advance via the Classroom - Messages page. For example you could send them a message asking if they're available at 3:00pm today for an instant lesson. If they are, log in a bit before 3:00pm and use the instant scheduling feature.

One note about that: ensure you clearly know time zones if you're going to try and coordinate a lesson this way. Your teacher likely doesn't live in the same time zone as you!

Here's what the instant scheduling page looks like:

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