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Is it ok to take lessons with multiple teachers?
Is it ok to take lessons with multiple teachers?

Definitely! Here are some tips for working with multiple teachers

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Yes! In general, we do recommend sticking with one teacher though for most of your studies. Doing this, your teacher will be able to learn a lot about you, your goals, learning style preferences, what you need to work on, etc. But some students do take consistent lessons with multiple teachers, and that's ok too.

How do I choose a second teacher?

All of our teachers are excellent; unlike some "tutor listing" companies, we only hire and retain exceptional educators. Our #1 recommendation is to find a teacher whose schedule works well with your schedule. Why? The #1 success factor - by far - that we've seen over many years of teaching is that students who stick to a regular schedule of studying are most successful.

Some students say "well I need a teacher who matches my learning style!" While this isn't entirely untrue, all of our teachers teach students of all ages, learning styles, industries, goals, etc. To do this, they often have to dramatically change their teaching technique and approach from lesson to lesson. So the key here is telling your teacher what you are liking and not liking about lessons; they'll then be able to adjust their teaching style specifically to your needs!

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