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What to do if your teacher missed (or is currently missing) a lesson
What to do if your teacher missed (or is currently missing) a lesson

This is rare, but here's what to do if your teacher unfortunately misses a lesson

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We, and your teacher, know your time is very valuable. All of our teachers are held to having a 95%+ attendance rate. That said, emergencies do happen, internet connections do go down, and sometimes the power even goes out from time to time.

If you are currently in the classroom, and your teacher isn't there

Your teacher may be having an internet or other issue. We truly apologize, we know this is inconvenient for you; your teacher does not want to miss lessons, teaching is how he or she earns their living.

You may leave the classroom at any time, or wait if you'd like to see if your teacher is able to get online. If you leave, you will of course receive a refunded credit for the lesson.

How you'll receive a refunded credit

As soon as your teacher is able to get online, they will refund the lesson; you'll receive an automated email confirming the refund, and you'll also be able to see the refund via the Schedule - My Calendar page of your account.

Are missed lessons common?

No, not at all. This is your teacher's job, the way they earn their income, and we're an educational company that focuses solely on foreign language education. All of our teachers are held to a 95%+ attendance rate, and many have near 100% attendance. That said, as we mentioned above, internet connections do sometimes go down, computers fail, family emergencies occur. If your teacher's attendance ever becomes a problem, rest assured we deal with it quickly.

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