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​Messaging Your Teacher
How to message your teacher outside of lessons
How to message your teacher outside of lessons

How to send your teacher teacher messages in the website, or via email, before and after lessons!

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Yes, you can definitely send your teacher messages before and after lessons!

Messaging Your Teacher Inside Our Website

To send your teacher a message from our website, simply go to the Messages page. Then click the "Create Message" button:

Can My Teacher Email Me?

Yes, but for your privacy we do not give them your email address. Instead, they message you using our website; the message they send to you in our website, goes directly to your email! It's also viewable of course in your account on our website.

Can I Email My Teacher?

Absolutely, but for your and their privacy you don't exchange email addresses. Instead, your teacher has a special email address that you'll find on the Messages page of your account. By using this email address, your message will show up in the website for both you and your teacher!

To find the email address, log in to your account and go to the Classroom - Messages page. You'll need to already have sent or received a message from them. Click on the message, then at the top click on this icon:

You'll get a long and slightly strange looking email address. Use that!

Another option: have your teacher send you a message through the website, but don't read it. After a few hours we'll email you the message they sent. You can reply to this email, and your message will go to your teacher (and also show up in your account on our website)!

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