So how does this work?

How trying your free lesson with a world-class language teacher works

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Good question! Here's a very quick overview:

  1. Note: You'll be learning with a native-speaking language teacher; for example, if you are learning Mandarin, your teacher is someone who's actually from China! If you're learning German, your teacher is someone who's actually from Germany!

  2. First, create an account

  3. Once you have an account set up, we ask that you fill out a few questions about your goals, interests, learning style etc.

  4. We'll then match you with a few teachers who are a good fit

  5. Schedule your lesson! You do this directly through the website, as you'll do most things with us

  6. After scheduling, do an audio/video test via the Classroom - AV Test page. This is the most important step to ensuring your lesson goes well. Please see these articles on other important steps you'll want to take regarding technical requirements

  7. A little before your lesson time, log in to your account and click on the Enter Classroom button. At your lesson time, your teacher will appear, and you'll get chatting away! You'll likely spend some time discussing your goals, previous learning, etc. and then of course some of the lesson will be an actual lesson

  8. If you enjoy the lesson, you can choose to purchase lessons (which we hope you do!) After purchasing, you'll instantly be able to schedule with your same teacher, or even a different teacher if you want to try another.

That's about it! A very high percentage of people who try a lesson end up purchasing and studying with us, often for many many years. This is because we only hire and retain exceptional teachers, so we are confident you'll love your experience.

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