Make a mistake with your reservation? No problem! You can easily cancel the entire reservation.

Note that this will cancel all of the lessons in the reservation, which are coming up more than 24 hours from now.

Video Overview

Step 1 - Go to the My Calendar Page

Click on the Schedule tab in the navigation bar, and then click on My Calendar:

Step 2 - Click to View Your Reservations

Scroll down just a bit, and click on the section here to view your reservation details:

Step 3 - Click and then Confirm

Choose the reservation you want to cancel, then on the next page make sure to confirm the cancelation! You'll need to fill out this box, and click the green button:

Step 4 - Wait About 10 Minutes

It can take up to 10 minutes for our system to cancel your entire reservation. So please wait a bit!

Step 5 - Confirm!

This should all work well. But after waiting 10 minutes we highly recommend checking your My Calendar page again to ensure that all of your lessons were canceled correctly. You'll also receive a confirmation email that the reservation was canceled.

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