Single Lesson vs. Reservation

Scheduling a single lesson is a good option for people that have very hectic, unpredictable schedules.

⚠️ We highly recommend making a recurring, ongoing reservation, rather than scheduling single lessons one by one as described in this article. If you don't make a recurring reservation it's very possible (likely, even) that another student will schedule the days/times you prefer with your teacher. You can easily cancel or change a recurring reservation whenever needed.

How to Schedule a Single Lesson

We have a detailed guide to scheduling single lessons: click here to view the detailed guide on scheduling a single lesson

But it's pretty easy! Just go to the main scheduling page, and click on a time that your teacher is available, then follow the instructions on the next page to confirm it:

Scheduling with Different Teachers

It's perfectly OK to schedule lessons with multiple teachers. Most students do stick with one teacher throughout their studies, but some do learn with multiple teachers, the choice is yours. Other than wanting a varied learning experience, if your teacher is on vacation this is definitely a good way to keep up your studies.

To schedule a lesson with a different teacher simply click on the teacher's image in the top left corner of the page and choose another from the dropdown box that appears!

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