We highly recommend making a reservation with your teacher. If you don't, any other student can schedule lessons with your teacher on the days and times you prefer. Once that happens, unfortunately we can't "kick out" that student, so you've lost your preferred times with your preferred teacher.

It's also easy to cancel a reservation, so you don't need to worry if your plans or schedule change in the future.

Video Overview

Step 1 - Go to the Main Schedule Page

In the top navigation bar, click on Schedule, and then Schedule a Lesson. This gets you to the main scheduling page:

Step 2 - Find a Day and Time Your Teacher is Available

On the main scheduling page, examine your teacher's schedule. You'll need to find a day and time that they're generally available. If they aren't available...you won't be able to make a reservation with them πŸ™‚

Step 3 - Click to Get to the Reservation Page

Next, click here to get to the Reservation page:

Step 4 - Select the Details

Next, spend some time looking at all of the options. Anything in green, is an option you can click on! You can select many things:

β€’ Weekday

β€’ Time

β€’ Lesson Length

β€’ Start Date

β€’ End Date

Step 5 - Click to Check Availability

After you select details, click the green button to check your teacher's availability.

Step 6 - Carefully Review, then Confirm

You're not finished! Carefully review the details on the page. So many people fail to do this, then are confused when lessons were not scheduled as they expected. Read all of the details we displayed. There are good reasons we are displaying details: your teacher may not be available on certain days, or even certain times of year (often due to daylight savings time zone changes!).

When you've finished carefully reviewing all of the details, click the final button to confirm your reservation.

Step 7 - Wait 10 Minutes, Then Check

It can take our system about 10 minutes to create your entire reservation. So please wait. After 10 minutes, we highly recommend:

1.) Check your email, and read the email! It's possible another student scheduled lessons shortly before you did, and if that happens...you won't know your lessons failed to be scheduled, unless you review the email.

2.) You can also carefully review the My Calendar page of your account, to see exactly what lessons were scheduled.

Special Note - Start and End Date

A lot of folks miss these important options. You can choose what day you want your reservation to start, and what day you want your reservation to end. Or you can reserve indefinitely, with no end date. Here we'll highlight these options:

Special Note - Daylight Savings & Months of Unavailability

When attempting to make a long-term reservation, you may get a warning that your teacher is unavailable for many months. Often, this is November - March, or March - November.

The reason for this is daylight savings time changes. Please visit this page and watch the video to learn why this occurs and what you can do about it.

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