How to schedule a reservation

A quick explanation + video explaining how to make a reservation!

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We highly recommend making a reservation with your teacher. If you don't, any other student can schedule lessons with your teacher on the days and times you prefer. Once that happens, unfortunately we can't "kick out" that student, so you've lost your preferred times with your preferred teacher.

It's also easy to cancel a reservation, so you don't need to worry if your plans or schedule change in the future.

Video Explanation

Important things to remember!

Watch the video above! It explains some really important points you'll want to know about making a weekly reservation.

  • Some countries observe daylight savings, others do not. If your country is different that your teacher's in that regard, the teacher's schedule will seem to "change" for large parts of the year. For example your teacher may be available starting at 1pm in March, but not available until 2pm starting in April. This is almost certainly due to daylight savings changes made in either your or your teacher's country.

    • Please visit this page and watch the video to learn why this occurs and what you can do about it, if you don't fully understand the problem.

  • After creating a reservation...

    • The reservation may take up to 10 minutes to process

    • Check and ensure you get a confirmation email, and read the email! It will list the dates you have scheduled.

    • Also check your "My Schedule" page to ensure you know exactly what dates and times have been scheduled.

  • Start and End Dates

    • When creating a reservation, you can select a start and end date! Carefully consider this when making your reservation.

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