Sometimes you need to check video of yourself during a lesson. To do that, simply click the camera icon and then near the bottom of the popup, click "Check Your Video" icon.

So first, the camera icon:


Why do we hide your video again after 20 seconds?

Simply, video of yourself is distracting. Have you ever caught yourself in a video chat watching your own video, instead of looking at the person you're talking to? We noticed ourselves doing it all the time, and it really does distract from learning. Imagine having an in-person lesson, but wanting your teacher to place a mirror on the table so you could see yourself. That would be pretty distracting! So we hide your video after 20 seconds. We know it's a bit different than most video chat platforms, but we think after you've had a few lessons you'll start to realize why we built our classroom this way 🙂

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