Unfortunately, No

Unfortunately we can't provide a refunded credit if you miss a lesson, primarily because we do need to pay your teacher for time they had reserved on their schedule. Even if you have a legitimate reason for having missed the lesson.

Fairness to Your Teacher

We understand this can be frustrating, but please understand this from your teacher's point of view. If we didn't pay your teacher for the time they have scheduled on their calendar, we would negatively affect their earnings for the week as another student may have scheduled with them during the time you had reserved. Please see this article for more details about our thoughts on this.

Fairness to Other Students

Likewise, it would not be fair to other students if we gave you a refund for a lesson, but not them. Or vice versa, we gave them a refund but not you. So to be fair in all cases, we apply our refund policy evenly to everyone. In order to receive a refunded credit, please ensure you cancel your lesson before the cancellation policy period.

But I Really Think You should Provide Refunds When I Miss

We completely understand; your car broke down, or your alarm didn't go off, or you had a doctor's appointment, or something even more serious like a family medical emergency. If we were to provide refunds for lessons you miss, we have two options:

1.) Raise our prices to cover the cost increase to our company

2.) Not pay your teacher

#2 is a non-starter for us, as I'm sure you would agree, your teacher should be paid even when you miss a lesson. So our only option is to raise our prices to cover the cost increase. We've polled you, our students, about this and you've overwhelmingly told us you prefer us to keep our prices low and charge you in the rare case that you miss a lesson. If you disagree with this and would rather we raise our prices, certainly let our customer service team know and they will pass this on to our management team. We are constantly evaluating policies like this one.

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