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How can I reactivate an expired package?
How can I reactivate an expired package?

After having expired, some purchases can be reactivated. Read here to learn how

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How To Reactivate an Expired Package

If you have a package that was purchased less than 3 years ago, it can be reactivated by purchasing another package of equal or greater value to the hours remaining on the expired package.

⚠️ Once you purchase a new package, please email us ( and we will reactivate your old package(s) as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this process isn't yet automated.


As an example, if you have an expired package that has 4 hours remaining/unused, purchasing at least 4 hours is required to reactivate the expired package. It is important to note that the newly purchased package, as well as the reactivated packages, will all be non-refundable.

Multiple Expired Packages

If you have multiple expired packages with hours remaining, that were all purchased less than 3 years ago, only one new package purchase is required to reactivate all of your expired packages. The package with the largest amount of unused lessons is your guide; for example, if the largest expired package has 11 hours remaining, you will need to purchase 11 or more hours of lessons to reactivate all of the expired packages. Reactivated packages will have an expiration date one year from the date of your new purchase. All reactivated packages, and packages purchased in order to reactivate packages, will be nonrefundable.

Why Do You Have an Expiration Period?

We sometimes get questions about why we have to have an expiration period, we know it can be a bit frustrating to have packages expire. Most tutoring companies have a 1 month expiration period (meaning you have to take X number of lessons each month, with no carryover), or classes for a set period of time that cannot be made up. Having an infinite expiration period is simply not possible, as costs increase every year with both inflation and other economic factors. We must therefore have an expiration period, and our 1 year period is very liberal when compared to others’ in the tutoring industry. Comparing our refund, cancellation, and expiration policies to other companies, you will find that our flexibility in scheduling and purchasing is amongst the most liberal.

Every now and then a student asks us to make an exception, and reactivate their package disregarding the notes above. The primary reason we cannot do this is fairness. It would not be fair to make an exception for you, but not for other students. Thus we set our specific "rules" above and them to each of our students.

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