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How can I check my remaining credits?
How can I check my remaining credits?

How to check your purchase and lesson history to figure out your credits!

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Purchase History Page

To see how many credits total you have remaining, click Purchase in the top navigation bar, then Purchase History. On this page you'll see the total remaining:

Expired Packages

Remember that your lessons need to be used within 1 year. Packages can be reactivated as well, under most circumstances; click here to read how!

"I just cancelled a lesson, but it doesn't seem like I got a credit back"

When you cancel a lesson further in advance than our cancellation policy, the credit for that lesson is returned to your account instantly. If it doesn't seem like that happened, please check the following:

  • First make sure the lesson was actually cancelled; head to your Schedule - My Calendar page to do that. If it's cancelled, it won't show on your calendar anymore at all

  • If the lesson was part of a recurring set of lessons, a credit might not have been deducted originally from your account. Remember that recurring lessons typically aren't deducted from your account when you schedule them, they are deducted as the come up over time (this allows you to not have to purchase credits for lessons scheduled far into the future using our recurring scheduling function)

  • Have you scheduled another lesson? Or has one of your recurring lessons been deducted recently, that wasn't in the past? If either of these things are true, these actions would have deducted credits from your account

  • If none of this seems to be the case, please read on to the next section to count up your credits!

What if Your Total Remaining Credits Don't Add Up?

The number of credits remaining is automatically calculated by our software so it should be correct, but it's always possible something is wrong. So let's count up your credit usage:

  • First, check your Purchase - History page and make sure none of the packages have expired

  • Next, remember that lessons you have scheduled in the future - if they were scheduled using the "schedule a single lesson" functionality - are deducted from your total (we have to deduct credits when your lesson is scheduled, otherwise a potentially malicious user could schedule hundreds upon hundreds of lessons, then cancel all of them at the last minute)

  • If your total still seems incorrect given the above considerations, please go to the Schedule - My Calendar page. There we list every lesson you have taken in the past, and scheduled in the future. For each one we also list whether or not a credit has been deducted. Please carefully count each of these, and if the total is incorrect - which is hopefully very unlikely, as our software does the counting - let us know:

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