Our website automatically counts how many credits you've purchased, how many you've used, etc. It should always be correct, since it's software that does the counting. A common question is "when are credits deducted from my account?"

Single, Non-Reservation Lessons

When you schedule a single lesson, the credit is deducted from your account instantly, the moment you schedule it. If you cancel the lesson at least 24 hours in advance, the credit is returned to your account instantly.

This includes future lessons! If you schedule a single lesson for 3 weeks from now, we deduct the credit from your account right when you schedule it. The reason for this is, if we didn't, a nefarious student could schedule hundreds and hundreds of lessons having only paid for a few of them.

Ongoing, Reserved Lessons

If you made an ongoing reservation using the "Reservation" feature of our website, we do not deduct all of the credits from your account right away. The reason is, if you made a reservation from an entire year and our website deducted all of the credits for that reservation, you would have to purchase a lot of lesson credits!

Instead, lesson credits are deducted as your lessons come up. For example, if you make a reservation indefinitely, as lessons come up each week our website will automatically deduct them from your account as time goes on.

How can I see exactly which lessons have been deducted from my account, and which haven't?

Good question! We've written an entire article about that. Click here to read the article.

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