How to cancel a single lesson

Learn how to cancel a single lesson!

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Important Note - 24 Hour Cancelation Policy

Please note that our cancelation policy is 24 hours. That means in order to receive a refunded credit for a lesson, you need to cancel it at least 24 hours in advance! One side note: if you schedule a lesson for a time that's less than 24 hours from now, we do give you a 10 minute "grace period" after scheduling it, to cancel if you made a mistake.

Step 1 - Go to the My Schedule Page

If you aren't sure how to get there, this article describes how to do that. But as a quick reminder it's located in the "1-on-1 Lessons" section:

Step 2 - Ensure You're Viewing Upcoming Lessons

Make sure that "View Upcoming Lessons" is selected. You can only cancel upcoming, future lessons of course, not past lessons!

Step 3 - Scroll Down to Find the Lesson, & Click Cancel

Scroll down the page until you find the individual lesson that you want to cancel. Then click the Cancel button. This won't cancel the lesson yet, you'll need to confirm on the next page, so don't worry if you accidentally click the wrong button:

Step 4 - Confirm

Your lesson is not canceled yet! Make sure to confirm your cancelation on this final page. We ask you to write a very brief note to your teacher about why you had to cancel, then click the button to confirm. You will receive a confirmation notification on the page that your lesson has successfully been canceled.

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