Purchasing lessons to give as a gift is extremely easy; on the purchase page, before clicking one of the purchase buttons, check this box:

After Purchasing, Get Gift Code from Purchase History Page

After you have completed your purchase, you need the gift code! This is just a code like "ABC123" that you will give your gift recipient, so that they can redeem the gift.

This special code is located on the Purchase History page of your account!

How Your Recipient Redeems the Gift

To redeem the lessons you've purchased for them, all your recipient needs to do is the following:

1.) Create an account on our website

2.) On the main Purchase page of their account, scroll to the bottom of the page. Input their code in the gift code input box!

Redeem Yourself if You Made a Mistake

If you mistakenly purchased lessons as a gift, not a problem. You can simply redeem the gift yourself, and the lessons will be active in your account.

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